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It is an exciting time here at with our live classes scheduled for this year. Our classes are fun and aren’t traditional. No sitting around taking notes, you will be up and active and playing a game along with me. Our classes are scheduled on July 26th and August 28th in Las Vegas, with a maximum 50 students per class so schedule early. Call at (702) 763-2406 for more information or to sign up.

What you will learn! Come learn to play a fun memory game that teaches you powerful memory techniques along the way as we go through all 10 levels of the game. You’ll be able to study less and still do better on tests! Learn to remember more Names, Facts, Details, Dates and Appointments. Memorize an entire calendar year, in minutes. I will teach you to improve your life, using the “Power Spaces” and other fun methods to make learning fast, fun and easy.




Don’t Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain—Fun Memory Game, is different than other games because the Game Board, is your own body, and the “pieces” are the…