Rock Your BrainYour fuel intake is the number one thing you could change today to have your engine running on all cylinders! Am I talking about your car, no it’s your food that can change your life! By fueling up better, you can rock out longer.

Apparently, we’re doing a great job of taking care of our bodies. We all hear the scary statistics that say America is getting fatter, there is an epidemic of diabetes, and that poor eating habits are affecting our brains with debilitating disease and depression.

Let me ask you, if your tour bus was sputtering, wouldn’t it make more sense to put better fuel in it? Why would you treat an inanimate object better than your own self?

Did you know that the brain and heart, comprise less than 4% of the human body, but consume more than 22% of our fuel, in the form of caloric intake.

The answer is simple, if you think about your heart and brain as living creatures. You must become a fan of these creatures. If they hurt, then so do you. If they cease to exist, then so do you.

So isn’t it about time you started loving your heart and brain, just like you would, your favorite band?

Here are 7 foods scientifically proven, to Rock Your Brain, Heart and Memory. Go feed your creatures, that depend on you, with great quality foods, and notice how your life becomes a party!

Avocados how can you start to Rock, without the creamy taste of guacamole, and now you have reason to enjoy it even more. Avocados like to hang with anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E, which protect the brain and heart from “free radical” damage. They also contain monounsaturated fats, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, that help lower cholesterol, and increase blood flow to the brain and heart. Avocados are also a good source of Vitamin K, and Potassium, that has shown the ability to lessen the chance of a stroke, while helping the brain operate more efficiently.

Berries, fruits are always a great way to start the party, and berries would be a great way to greet your brain and heart in the morning. Just as in avocados, berries are rich in anti-oxidants that help to protect from Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia. The rule is the darker the berry, the more flavonoids they contain. Flavonoids increase communication in the brain, which intern increases memory and math skills. So rather than strawberries, go for blueberries, blackberries, goji , and acai.

Spinach, how about that, Popeye was right! Spinach is power fuel, and you could eat it daily. You should wash spinach well to get rid of any pesticides, and dirt, better if you buy organic. Spinach can help prevent or delay dementia, the nutrients inside spinach, have also shown to out dance cancer, stop tumor growth, and help repair DNA! If you are old enough to remember Popeye, then you should eat spinach daily!

Tomatoes, Lycopene is your friend! Tomatoes are loaded with it, and Lycopene has been shown to improve mood balance, and go to war against Dementia. Eat Tomato, Be Happy!

Red Cabbage, Rock and Roll with the Polyphenols that love to group into red cabbage! Polyphenols are a super hero anti-oxidant that Rock Your Brain, and Heart! They also hang out with the Glucosonates that slay cancer cells.

Broccoli, let’s start rocking the after party by hanging out with vitamin C, iron, beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, and all the B vitamins. These dudes sure know how to keep the blood flowing, and keep any of those nasty radicals out, while chasing all the heavy metals, out of the Brain.

Dark Chocolate, Here is your Encore! The Flavanols are happy to come out for one more performance, I mean who doesn’t dance, when they eat chocolate! With nuts even better.
Dark Chocolate can improve your blood vessels performance, which improves cognitive function and memory. That for sure, will Rock Your Brain, Heart and Memory!

If you want to keep the party going, why don’t you check out our new membership site and rock your brain for a week for FREE!