Most people feel they know themselves well, but then I ask them this simple question. How many senses do you have? Most people say the 5 we have been taught about. Sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. We have related this as a fact since we were young children, but it is a lie and I can prove it to you easily.

Close you eyes, now see an elephant. Can you see it? Just about everyone can do this! Well if the elephant is not in the room then how can you see it. It is because you have an internal sense of vision. In fact you can can use your internal sense of vision and your external sense of vision at the same time. So logically, they are not the same sense and clearly are different.

The same can be said about your other senses. As proof, think back to a moment in your life when, you could smell cookies being baked. Who is it that is baking these treats for you? You more than likely have a clear image of that moment. Once again you are not actually smelling the cookies, but you know how it smells. This is your internal sense of smell at work.

if you think about it, you will be able to use your internal sense of sound ( can you hear your own voice? ), touch ( can you think of a time you touched something hot? ), taste ( chocolate melting in your mouth? ), all of this while you are using your external senses reading this article.

So if you believe this logical argument, then you are now aware that we have at least 10 senses! Now I want to show you, that we have at least two more senses, that are so universal, it’s hard to argue they don’t exist. This is the sense I call inspiration. This sense is associated in the gut area, right below the diaphragm. The Thai call it the Chi spot, it is the area we think of when we use the expression, “gut feeling.”

It has been scientifically proven that there are cells in this region that are similar in structure to the brain’s cells. This is the area that you connect with while meditating and praying. So my argument is that this is a sense, therefore, it should have an internal and external if it is equivalent with your other senses.

As I pointed out the internal sense I call inspiration, the external of this sense, we call creativity. If you think about where anything that is original, started with an inspiration, and was created from that, bringing it into the external world.

So congratulations my friends, you started the day thinking you had only 5 senses, and now you know you have 12. The use of your internal senses is crucial to memory training. Now that’s 7 things you didn’t know about how magnificent you are! Now go share that magnificence with the world.