Better GradesIs your child struggling in school? As a parent the last thing you want is to have your child feel like they are being left behind academically. How can you increase the odds of you child getting better grades – well these 7 Rockin’ tips will help.

Sleep, the number one problem in school, is important and our kids are worn out. Many focus problems are simply that your child may be dozing off or not present because they are exhausted. Are you aware that for a child, under the age of 10, they should get 10 hours of sleep a night? Many American kids are getting less than 8 hours of sleep. This will not keep their bodies, or their brains at Rock and Roll levels for school!

Hydration, The human body, needs lots of water. Yet if you were to check the average American kid is drinking more sugary junk drinks than they are water. Hydrating the body properly leads to better blood flow, which in turn, feeds more oxygen and nutrition to the brain. How can your child expect to learn when their brain is drying up like a desert? Turn their brain into an oasis of success, by having them drink a liter of water, before you send them to school! Also remind them to drink water throughout the day. Their Brain will be singing all day long.

Nutrition, are you feeding your child only foods they want, or are you creating a sensible meal plan? Every bit of research shows that healthy food choices lead to better academic scores! Poor junk food choices, lead to poor grades. Enough said.

Exercise, for some reason, schools, in an effort to increase student performance are cutting out physical education. This is completely wrong. Exercise brings massive amounts of oxygen to the brain, that assure that your child’s cognitive abilities are at Rockstar level. Also exercise breaks during the day allow students to be less fidgety in class, because the have burned off the excessive energy, that causes students to lose focus. So dance it out kids, your grades will lift, with your spirits.

Plan, a student should be aware of how the semester, will go. So should their parents. Discussions about when they have tests coming up, what assignments are due, should be common place. However many parents leave that up to their children. If you want your child to succeed in school, map out the semester, have your child work on deadlines, and instead of cramming before a test, have them break the studying into segments. This assures your child will not become overwhelmed, and just give up.

Their class, their choice, shouldn’t it be common sense that your child will do better in subjects they are interested in? If there is a choice to be made, let your child make it. It would be like telling your child what music to listen to. They are not going to like the music you suggest, they Rock out to the bands they want to hear. So take that as a lesson, and let your child have freedom of choice.

Study Parties – It’s just more fun to study with a buddy. Your child will react better when it comes time to push themselves if they have a friend to go to the show with. Social interaction has long been shown to improve grades. So turn those study sessions into a party, and your child will always have friends wanting to join them. Children look to their peers on how to behave, if they party with students, who have better grades, then their grades will rise as well.
If you will follow these common sense practices, your child’s grades, will increase, without the fret that many parents suffer through, when it comes to school.

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