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Fun memory game

Can a book improve your memory?
Don't Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain - Fun Memory Game CAN!

This book is a game unlike any other, because your body is the game board and the game is full of fun brain teasers that the player wears on their "Body Game Board".

Play all 10 levels and rise to the memory challenge, enhancing your memory along the way. Completing the game means completing a full course on memory training! You will learn powerful memory techniques that will help you:

  • Learn facts and important information, including  numbers, in a fun way
  • Recall names more easily and rapidly
  • Remember appointments and important dates
  • Memorize an entire calendar year in minutes
  • Improve your life using "power spaces"
  • Have fun while improving your memory
  • Learn to recall all the Presidents of the United States
  • Have hours of fun and teach you a game to play anywhere

It is a proven fact that memory exercises keep your brain sharp!

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