Memorize the 2015 Calendar Year the RockUrBrain way.

Why would anyone want to memorize an entire calendar year? There is so much on my plate at the end of the year with resolutions, planning, vacations and goal setting. All these are actually helped with the aid of memorizing the calendar year. It will change your relationship with time, by having the calendar part of your internal thinking, rather than an abstract object outside of you, on your computer, calendar, or phone.

So what do I mean when I say by memorizing an entire year it will change your relationship with time? Well, for example, did you know that the 4th of July is on a Saturday this year? Might that make a difference in how you plan for Independence Day? Maybe you will take a 3 day vacation over that time. April 15th is on a Wednesday this year, that is very important if you are a tax accountant, because you probably will be planning a vacation around Friday April 17, etc.

It also will impress your friends when they tell you a date, and you know the day of the week it lands on. They are usually very surprised by this. The truth is, it’s not difficult to learn and once you know the technique, it only takes about 10 minutes to memorize the entire calendar year. Yes, that’s right, only 10 minutes to memorize all 365 days of 2015.

Here is the technique. If you read Don’t Rack Your Brain—RockUrBrain, Fun Memory Game, it will be easier for you to understand this technique, but this should teach you the basic technique to memorize 2015.

Start by memorizing this Rhyme/Rap. 

There is a New Year’s BABY in January.
There is a Valentine’s HEART in February.
March comes in like a LION, Now the year is really flying!
In April, there are lots of SHOWERS.
Which bring about great big May, FLOWERS.
You receive a DIPLOMA in June.
In July the FIRECRACKER booms.
In August we have a BARBECUE.
In September we go on back to SCHOOL.
In October you are scared by a HALLOWEEN GHOST.
In November we eat a TURKEY roast.
There is a CHRISTMAS TREE in December, and that is how the months are remembered!

This shouldn’t take you too long if you visualize each Object, most of us are familiar with how each of these objects, is linked with its paired month. Once you have that memorized, you need to learn the days of the week objects.

Object. Day of the Week

Sun. Sunday
Moon. Monday
Toast. Tuesday
Wood. Wednesday
Thorn. Thursday
French Fry. Friday
Saturn. Saturday

This shouldn’t take much time either if you notice that the sound of each object is designed to be similar to the corresponding day of the week.

The next step, is to combine the image of the month object, with the object representing the day of the week, that the month begins on. If you have the previous objects memorized this will only take about 10 minutes to memorize.

1.  See a New Years Baby with a rattle made of  Thorns

2. See a Valentine’s Heart with the Sun burning in the center.

3. See a Lion with his tail being burnt by the Sun.

4. See rain Showers, that are drops of Wood coming out of the sky.

5. See Flowers with petals made of French Fries.

6. See a Diploma that is shaped just like the Moon.

7. See a Firecracker, Blowing up pieces of Wood.

8. See a Barbeque, and on it Saturn, is cooking up.

9. See a School house, that is made out of Toast.

10. See a Halloween Ghost, with Thorns sticking out of him.

11. See a Turkey, that is getting fried by the Sun.

12. See a Christmas Tree, with ornaments of Toast.

Now if you completed this journey, you now know, what day of the week each month starts on.

The final step is to memorize the following number sequence. This can be done by rote. there is a better technique, in my book Don’t Rack Your Brain—RockUrBrain, Fun Memory Game. Here is the sequence:

1, 8, 15, 22, 29

This sequence is common to every month, so if you know that the 1st of the month is on a Sunday for example, then the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th are also on Sunday that month, from there it is easy to go forward or backward in your head, to figure out the other days in the month.

For example March 20th our symbol for March is a lion, see the Lion, what is happening with him? His Tail, is being burnt by the Sun. So March begins on a Sunday. That means that the 22nd also falls on a Sunday, so by working backwards you know that the 20th is on a Friday. The 3rd Friday of the month to be specific.

With just a touch of practice this becomes very easy to do. Then start playing around with it, and see if you do not agree it changes your relationship with time.

There is many more exciting memory techniques, that can help in business, and especially with Students, that is who I designed RockUrBrain for, so if you Student is having trouble in school, why not give them RockUrBrain, Fun Memory Game. You can click here to order your copy at a great discount.

To your success in 2015!

Jeffrey Grinel