Don’t Rack Your Brain, play the RockurBrain Fun Memory Game instead.

Have you ever forgotten a name and felt that embarrassing awkward moment, in front of a group of people, when you know what you want to say, it’s on the tip of your tongue, but all you see is blank.

How about when you’re just introduced to somebody? Have you ever dropped (forgotten) their name like it was a hot potato? Having a “memory challenge” is never fun.

With Memory Training, those embarrassing moments can end. Names are abstract, which basically means they are a Brain Teaser! Don’t Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain. The RockUrBrain Fun Memory Game teaches you how to bridge the abstract nature of names, and how to use your natural abilities to make remembering names fun and easy! By the time you  complete all 10 levels of the game, you will have memorized all the Presidents of the United States, and the Names of the First Wives of each President! More importantly, you’ll be able to remember any name, whether it’s from history, class, or your next meeting.

Look out for the soon to be released special report entitled RockUrBrain presents RockUr Names, while Networking! A product that will focus on remembering peoples name in a fast pasted, real-time setting. So play the RockUrBrain Fun Memory Game.

RockUrBrain Fun Memory Game

RockUrBrain Fun Memory Game